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We pay homage to the greats of Brazilian music and American music legacy.

We focus on producing music, video and digital media; and, we shape the global strategic, marketing, and PR plans and programs to assure success. 

We also license content and brands that are tied to portfolios of multimedia based on our branded media projects. 

Our Media Portfolios include: 


  • Music and Video Recordings

  • Live Performances

  • TV shows

  • Digital Media

  • Social Media

  • Mobile Applications

  • Documentaries

  • Merchandising

  • Photography  

Our projects enjoy the support of and collaboration with corporate sponsors, and global media companies. 


Our Media Portfolios include “products” that partners deem quite attractive for marketing and investment.  

"I have had the honor of knowing some of the greatest minds and creators of our time. 


I learned great lessons from observing Visionaries and Pioneers such as Maynard Jackson, Pat Crecine, Quincy Jones, Oscar Castro-Neves and Herbie Hancock. 


One of the lessons learned is that you bet on the human spirit and the inherent greatness of diversity and culture.


What I also have learned over my life and career is that where there is significant discontinuity ... there is great opportunity.


We all believe in the great legacy and culture of Brazil, and the wonderful minds, spirit and soul of Brasileiros. 


We are betting on BRAZIL"


-- Robert Hebert, CEO

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