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Digital Media Production

We Stand Behind Great Artists...


IT/IS Digital Media is the digital services platform design and development arm of IT/IS NextGen.  


IT/IS NextGen is in the business of creating, marketing, distributing and licensing digital content from artists and media companies.


IT/IS Digital Media is now developing a portfolio of digital service platforms to support global marketing and promotional campaigns for media companies, artists and their music projects.  We have created new models for presenting digital content on the Internet, including 2D and 3D web environments that contain music, videos, and photos.


Our 3D digital services platforms allow web visitors to enjoy customized media marketing and sales environments designed by IT/IS Digital in collaboration with the music artist's company or the artist him/herself. These environments have been designed to give the web-visitor a more personal, "sociable experience" than is typically offered on today's music oriented websites. 


Each IT/IS 3D digital services platform helps a media company or an artist build a unique message and brand image, offer music, video and ancillary products for sale and digital delivery, present advertising and marketing opportunity and facilitate aggregation of audiences and potential buyers. 


Reflecting the media industry reality that digital content distribution now involves traditional wireless, and cable communication companies (and increasing de-emphasis on the marketing and delivery of physical media), the IT/IS Digital Media team integrates decades of experience in the communications sector, especially Next-Generation communication and information technology planning. 

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