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Robert A. Hebert


Robert A. Hebert, Esq. is an entrepreneur with 36 years in advisory and consulting, telecommunications, information technology, Law and Media. He is President of Pangeia Brasil Partners, Founder and CEO of IT/IS Telecom, LLC, and co-Founder of Hebert-Carrington Media (HCM) / HCM Digital.


Investment Advisory: Hebert is now in his 13th year of doing business in Brasil. Pangeia Brasil Partners advises on investments in the Brasil Energy, Utilities, Telecom, Infrastructure, Banking and Finance sectors. Note: Prior to IT/IS, Hebert was CEO of Communications & Information Technology Partners, an Atlanta-based investment firm.


Telecom and IT: IT/IS Telecom, LLC is an IT and Telecom professional services firm that has been aligned with IBM Global Telecommunications Industry since 2001.


Media / Digital: Hebert-Carrington Media (HCM) / HCM Digital is a Grammy Award-winning Internet-based media firm focused on Production, Digital Marketing and Cloud Commerce. The company does business internationally, with a strategic focus on the Brasil, China and Japan markets. Previously, Hebert was Chairman of the Programming Committee of Atlanta Public Broadcasting, Co-COO of the QDE–JEM j.v., and an Artist Manager for 10 years.


Law and Public Sector: Hebert was Of Counsel (Technology) to Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy (Atlanta), and a Corporate Finance associate with Chapman and Cutler (Chicago). Notably, in the years leading up to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Hebert was Special Counsel to Mayor Maynard H. Jackson, Founding Chairman of the Mayor’s Commission on Atlanta’s Media, Telecom and Technology Industry, and Mayor Jackson’s lead for media, telecom and technology strategic economic development matters relating to the 1996 Olympics.


Specialties: Merchant Banking, Management Consulting and Advisory, Communications & IT systems integration, Enterprise Transformation, Executive Producer (Media and Video), Law.

Dr. Bernard Yaged
Executive Vice President

Dr. Yaged is the former Head of AT&T Capital Planning.  For several decades, he has been known as one of the leading operations and capital planning consultants in the global telecom industry.  At AT&T, he was responsible for a $10 billion annual budget.  


​Dr. Yaged models comprehensive, integrated business, network and operations models utilized for management decision-making -- and as the basis for financial projections -- with over 40 years of experience in planning, ​​modeling and management of telecom and computer software enterprises. 

In addition to working with Bell Laboratories, AT&T, and CA, Dr. Yaged has worked as a senior consultant to numerous companies.  A common goal in many customer assignments has been the identification and solution of basic business problems relating to the efficient use of a company’s critical resources - capital, expense, and time.  Dr. Yaged is an expert an addressing these problems -- utilizing innovative analysis methodologies, and custom development of computer based planning tools.  His activities yield insight into initiation and management of program activities, as well as provides in-depth knowledge of networks, value-oriented financial analysis, capital project prioritization, and software project estimation.


Network Finance and Operations Integration, Business Transformation, Business Process Improvement, Technology Engineering, Financial Decision Modeling and Systems Planning.

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