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Senior Consultants


Our Team

IT/IS team members average over 30 years of management and technical experience in the Telecom, Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems/Services (IS) industries. Our team encompasses experience in telecom billing, operations, marketing and network engineering as well as extensive experience with major mission-critical system and platform migrations.  We bring a common mindset to work assignments, namely, helping client technology or process initiatives achieve intended business objectives. 


We have worked as Industry operations managers, and have experienced consulting services provided to us by others that run the gamut -- from short-term advisors who depart before the implementation begins, to consultants who are selling a standard proprietary approach to any problem.  


IT/IS team members have been successfully providing value to a variety of Telecom Enterprises, as employees and consultants, for many decades -- living through periods of major change in industry structure (monopoly / PTT to competitive), major changes in technology (analog to digital, copper to fiber, centralized to distributed to web-enabled computing, wireline to wireless, voice grade to wideband, connection-oriented to IP-based), and recognizing that effective processes and operations are critical to serving a customers.


The IT/IS NextGen Solutions team is committed to providing customized solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of an initiative.

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