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Telecom Solutions

Our Mission


Founded in 1999, IT/IS NextGen Solutions is focused on integrating world-class Executive, Strategic Advisory and Public Policy subject matter expertise with senior executive and operational capabilities from the IT and Telecom industries.


Our Business Mission is to develop, deliver and help institutionalize solutions that are focused on Digital Information Networks and associated Business Processes and Systems that help customers:


  • Align their organization's policy and strategic goals and objectives with Implementation plans and deliverables

  • Manage Transformational Change

  • Identify areas where they can focus to operationalize their strategic plans

  • Manage and operate integrated resources more efficiency and effectively

  • Improve and manage communications and information exchange

  • Increase security of their enterprise, networks, and applications

Our firm's approach to providing professional services leverages the experience of a team that includes members who have served in key leadership roles ranging from processes and systems development, planning and operations, to in-depth technical leadership and subject matter expertise in many areas.

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