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Cloud Commerce (virtual computing) can revolutionize the sale and distribution of digital goods via storage and use of digital media (games, software, eBooks, audio, visual, live shows, etc.). 


We can enhance brand awareness and commerce opportunity by leveraging the power of digital media software, mobile strategy, the viral characteristics of social media, networking, brand marketing, interactive marketing, Cloud Commerce, and cross-promotion of brands to aggregate audiences.


Virtual Testbeds

Over the years, we created a series of digital sites to review the technology needed to create the Virtual Web.


Our interest in the digital trade model relate to both content and the technologies required to develop and deliver new media and performances in a deeper contextual manner -- that allows viewers and consumers to experience a unique digital environment that dramatically present a creator’s artistic statements, depths of interest, influences, and tastes. 


Our commercial business interests are to design, operationalize, program, and manage an integrated offline and online media presentation and marketing Cloud Commerce platform.

"3D Artist Life"
This environment was designed to present an Artist's live / work environment.
"3D Artist Showcase"
This environment was designed to present a number of Artists.
Multiple area environment to illustrate a legendary career.
"3D Artist Studio"
HTML5 based photo-panorama. Mobile VR.
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"3D Artist Studio"

HTML5 based photo-panorama. Mobile VR.

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